White mantle hype

So i play an mmo called guild wars 2 and lately arena net (the developers) have been sneakily adding semi hidden content, to witch i assume is hints on the future anyways i haven’t really played in the past week (i tend to play on and off) and today not only did i had a lot random stuff happening


(i started all my legendary collections at the same time cause i enjoy random pop ups)

I them got this from a bunch of bandits


So i wen to Divinity’s Reach the guy told me to go somewhere else and it culminated in my killing a champion bandit


Got 2 achievements and a letter


HOWEVER as all this excitement wasn’t enough i them notice on my bags a peculiar item that came from the champion


Me and my friend went nuts the White Mantle are a huge deal on lore from guild wars 1. Of course i went to investigate latter and i know this stuff has been out for a week or 2 and apparently the white mantle have been hinted at for a wile, but i just had this thrown in my face so i got the hypes.

It is never too late to enter the Hype Train.


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