So my computer crashed yesterday, seven times, can’t say i didn’t panic thinking i needed a new one. The computer used to crash on games or youtube videos sometimes although the crash resembled more a freeze, as in the screen would freeze and i would have a looped really loud sound on my headphones, but it never did it seven times in a row (2 in game 3 on youtube and once wile still starting up)

So i called my boyfriend, told him it probably needed a cleaning, when he got home he told em we could also try installing windows 10 and see if the issue would be fixed. We opened it up to clean it to realized it barely had any dust, we them upgraded to windows 10 and my computer got slower it was taking about 3 mins to load windows (it also crashed once during updates) so we reverted back to windows 7, I also asked my boyfriend to disable all the sound stuff from the bios and see if that would fix it (It used to be his old computer he never had a issue, however he always had a sound board, i was using the one from the motherboard)

This morning i started up the computer and played the same game that made me crash twice yesterday (it crashed after about 5 mins) i had no issues the entire morning however now i’m soundless. I am getting a sound board for myself and hopefully this will be the end of my computer issues.

TLDR: Had computer issues, turns out to be sound, its getting fixed.



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