Indie Gala Giveaways

So i recently found IndieGala, witch is basically a website that sells indie games in bundles (yey for cheap games) has i was looking trough the website however i noticed that they had a link called “Giveaways”.

So here is how these Giveaways work, you have a huge huge huge huge list of games (steam keys) being given out as a raffle kinda thing all you need to do is click on the side that says “take part” and you will be entered.gala2

You need however to register in the website, and as you can tell by the picture you need IC points to enter the raffles.

Now what are IC points and how do i get them, you might be asking, well you get 250 out of the bat when you register, and them 10 each hour, so thats hole lot of raffles that you can enter.

Theres also the cases of the Guaranteed raffles and the non guaranteed, you see ALL (except one or to made by the site) the raffles are made by users, the guaranteed ones means the website actually has the key and can guarantee that its proper and delivered, the non guaranteed the user holds the key and the site cant guarantee that its legit.

Now the next question you may ask is why are people making these raffles? According to the website you earn points (not IC points) by doing so and your level increases and with more level you can enter raffles for better games (can’t confirm i’m only lvl 0).

I can confirm however that just by clicking a few buttons i had won 2 games in a 24h period (maybe i was just lucky), sure they aren’t great games and they actually cost around 1€ BUT they were still free, and they have steam cards (caaarrrrdddssss).


Don’t worry tough the giveaways actually have decent games even in lvl 0. I have seen a few tittles that i recognized and enjoyed like Edna & Harvey and a lot of hidden mysteries types of games that i tend to enjoy as well.

So you know, if you are in the market for some free games and don’t mind clicking a few buttons once or twice a day IndieGala is the place to go.

…. o right the website is just , i’m sure you could have just goggled that tough.


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