FRIENDS!!! well singular.

So as i mentioned on a post earlier i got a friend (witch means if i can do it, you can do it!!!)

She doesn’t share my taste for technology or games (although i do intend to get her a lil bit into games, eventually), we both love crafting and creating stuff, and it does seem our tastes are a bit alike on that area.

So we have been meeting up to do some crafting (and talk, we wouldn’t sit quietly and awkwardly gebuz), we also saw “my neighbour totoro” the other day (i’m sorry i haven’t seen it sooner please don’t hurt me, and if you don’t know Studio Ghibli SHAME ON YOU)

We are also thinking of joining a local organization that makes a sort of craft/antiques market so we can sell some of the stuff we make.

Also we joined pool lessons to keep our selfs healthy and fit, (We also intend to go geocaching eventually with our boyfriends 2 :D)

And now i present to you our masterpieces that we have been making!

(i know they aren’t great please be kind)

P.S. Don’t panic about the link texts i actually made a link to pages like wikipedia and stuff just in case you wanted to know more about those. Cause i love you <3….maybe 😀


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