First off ill go out on a limb and say, i’m a casual player on wow, i like reading quests i love finding out new stuff, and i’m loving the expansion because it always has something for you to do, with that said…

I COULD GO ON FOREVER ON HOW MUCH I HATED THE FACT THAT THEY KILLED ILLIDAN IN THE BURNING CRUSADE, but now i kinda get revenge, Illidan was always by far the character i liked the most in the warcraft world i always felt like he was a misunderstood saviour, doing anything and everything to save his world and his loved ones. (ill just stop here cause i could srsly go on forever on how great of a character i think he is)

On another note


(this picture is not mine, i took it from a guys tweeter he has more there you can check it out HERE)

Suramar…. the most beautiful well constructed and hugest and bestests and OMG THAT IS A **KING BEAUTIFULLY GREAT PLACE, sure it has a few demons, but thats hands down the best city i ever saw in a game (well maybe excluding assassins creed and games like it cause you know.. the game is actually a city) its gorgeous. vibrant, interesting, several layers as well. It was meant, and kinda still is a nigh elf city, and ill leave it at that no spoilers so you can see the story for your own.

And finally here are some screen shots i took from situations i found funny \o\


The fact that i had to sign a contract in order to learn inscription


The learning gnome hunter that kept insisting i took a S.E.L.F.I.E. with him and i did


The absolutely drop dead gorgeous dress from Azshara


A random kids floater in a bit of water inside a random cave


A NPC that apparently has low ping


and finally poor poor Charlie…


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