Sorry not sorry!!

I know i haven’t posting jack bananas (to not say such a bad word witch i definitely would have), but the truth is a lot of stuff suddenly happed in my life, went on vacation (sorry no pictures), got a friend IRL (WHHAATT?!).  Witch is kinda weird in itself given that i’m am a lil bit socially awkward with people i don’t know and my head is a lil bit funny (not that my head has a weird shape it looks perfectly normal thank you). I also actually had an anxiety crisis, but hey thats past who cares i’m good, and aaaalllsssooo world of warcraft expansion came out so, yea thats happening. I will elaborate more on some of this stuff on other posts, and i promise i’m going to TRY to keep things up to date, trying is hard tough ;P

(Inserts random cat picture)



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