Soup, the easy way. (YES SOUP YOU SHOULD NOM IT)

Yes, this is a post where ill teach you to make the super difficult and time consuming dish that is soup… no seriously its super easy and fast and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be making your own soup instead of buying prepackages (unless its cheaper and you are short of money or in such a hurry that you need food in 5 mins)

But before i get to that let me tell you the story that trigged my “want” to teach others how to make it. I have a friend in Scotland, and we always shared story’s and how we both loved soup, until one day when i told him (we speak over ts, cause you know… games)  that i needed to go prep my soup, to witch he replied surprised “You make them from scratch?!” to them me being surprised “Wait you don’t?!” i was in such a shock that i almost wanted to tell him he didn’t knew what soup was.

BUT I DIGRESS, back to the topic in hand.

Soup can be done in has fast as 15 mins and i would say the about’ish 1 hour if you like your veggies realy well cooked or if used harder to cook ingredients like meat but ill cover the easy ones that range from 15mins to 30mins.

Also please note that in the pictures there are very lil ingredients cause i was only making soup for myself, add them as you feel needed.

It really just starts with too things and this is the base of every single soup (at least as i make them)img_0435

Potato and onion, this is the base (in case you don’t like potatoes or cant eat them you can add squash or pumpkin, or if its the onions you don’t fancy leeks are also a good substitute)

Chomp them up add them to the pan with a pinch of salt and water (some people also like to put a line of olive oil, i personally don’t)

Now this is were the 15 or 30 mins come in IF you want to make a creamy soup lets say per ex. a carrot cream or a mushroom cream, you would now also add them to the pot (Please note for creamy soups you only add enough water to cover your ingredients, or it will become too liquid)

And now all you need to do is wait a lil bit like about the same amount of time it would take you to boil potatoes witch i would say 15 to me safe unless its a large pot them it can take a bit more (15 mins i told you!!!!!!)

All that is left to do now is grab your trusty hand blender and them them real good…reaaal goo…. ill stop now sorry, MOVING ON!!!

Because i tend to like my soups with something to chew on i add ingredients after this step. (although even if you are adding ingredients after the blend you can still blend more them just onions and potatoes, you can add carrots, bell peepers, spinach, etc. Don’t be afraid to try. however avoid vegetables that are still consistent after cooking, cabbage per ex, cause they wont blend properly. Also for these kinds of soup you need to add extra water so it doest become too bulky)

I took the time when the ingredients were cooking and diced up what i was going to add later, in this case some carrots and cabbage (i don’t have a special dicing method i just cutted the carrots in circles and ripped the cabbage with my own hands)

Them you just add them to your now blended soup, give it a lil stir, close the lid and again, just wait until the veggies are cooked


Most veggies cook fast but some take longer, so wait time depends a lil bit on the kind of veggies you are using, but i would say another 10-15 mins should suffice (don’t be afraid to try your veggies to see if you still find them hard, that is after you blew into the spoon about 20 times so you don’t burn yourself)

TADAA ITS DONE WOOO and it only took (in this particular case) 20 mins



Never be afraid to mix and try new things when it comes to soup, you would be surprised on how many cool soups you can come up with, but just in case ill leave some of my recipes here


Carrot cream: Potatoes, Onions, Carrots – into pan – blend – done

Mushroom cream: Potatoes, Onions, Mushrooms – into pan – let cook – blend – done (try different mushrooms for different tastes or mix them)

Bell Pepper cream: Potatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers – into pan – let cook – blend – done (WARNING THIS IS MEANT TO BE A SPICY SOUP, with that said i usually also add white pepper and i tend to use all tree colors of bell peppers, i also sometimes save some peppers to add later to have something to chew on)


SOUP (had no idea what else to call it sorry)

Vegetable soup: Potatoes, Onions – into pan – let cook – blend – add Carrots, Cabbage, Leeks, Beans – let cook – done (or whatever else you can think off DON’T BE SHY TO TRY THINGS geez)

Tomato soup: Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes, One egg – into pan – let cook – blend – add Eggs -let cook – done (Preferably you would want tomatoes with no skin, and the reason i add one egg before blending, [let it cook tough or it will screw things up] is because it will remove most of the sourness of the tomato, the rest of the eggs i usually add 1 per person)



There are of course exceptions to the usual pattern of the soup but easy none the less so i will leave you with my country’s traditional chicken soup.

Chicken soup: Onions, Chicken – into pan – let cook – add rice – let cook – done (any part of the chicken will do, can add a full leg or breast or cut into tiny bits if you prefer, i prefer big chunks so i can eat them before the soup itself and add lil slices of chicken onto the soup as i’m eating the chicken)



And don’t you dare saying its hard again or ill poke you in the eye when you least expect it, and you will think of me, and this post. ;D


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