Board games (or table top as i like to call it)

I absolutely love table top games! And now that i have friends guess what i was going this Sunday afternoon!!!!!


And if you are siting there thinking, “but woman you are 30 years old, isn’t board games a kids thing?” and if you did i am physically reaching out of my screen and flipping your nose!

Thinking board games (table top) is for kids couldn’t be the furthest the reality. Think about it, video games used to be a “kid” thing, companies nowadays are making them with their attention towards adult gaming (adult not in a sexual context mind you), i mean you even have ADULT painting books (they are gorgeous i own 2 myself), the thing is things that before were tough to be a kid’s thing a lot of them aren’t anymore, and maybe, just maybe, because they made us happy, and they still do, table top gaming is no exception.

There are table top games for all ages and all skill levels i will talk about 3 that i own and played today.

Both “Pandemic” and “Forbidden island” are made by the same person so they play out very similar, first off they are cooperative games, the players are playing against the game itself, these are great games for both beginners and veteran players, because you need to play out together and plan each others move carefully in order to beat the game, so even if you are a beginner there will be someone telling you what the next best course of action will be.

Mind you both of these games are not easy to beat and they do have difficulty levels that you can adjust, because two of us were beginners we adjusted them to exactly that.


So just explaining it really fast in Pandemic you are trying to rid the world of diseases, you win the game by finding cures (there are four) and you need 5 cards of the same color and go to a “lab” and cure that color disease, you lose if you run out of “cure” cards, reach too many outbreaks or run out of color disease cubes. I could go and explain the rules but that would make a whole blog post in itself so i wont! (Sorry!) (PS: We won this time, BY VERY LITTLE we only had 2 turns left to lose the game)


In Forbidden island the mechanics are almost the same except this time you are in a island thats trying to kill you, it floods your tiles and if they flood twice they get drowned and removed from the game, You win the game by getting four relics from the island (you need four of the same relic cards for that) and ALL players safely leave it via the helipad tile, you lose if, all the relic locations drown (before you get them at least), if your helipad tile drowns, if enough tiles drown that you cant reach the helipad tile (you can only move adjacently, unless for special skills), or if a tile with a player on drowns and he has no adjacent tile to swim too. (We lost this one we had all the relics and were at the helipad but no card to leave, the helipad drowned and the island killed us :<)


The third game on this list its quite different, and its called “Dixit”. This is a perfect game for all ages from 8 till 100 (or more), its a card game, all the cards have amazing art on it. The way the game works is: everyone is given 6 cards and the players choose a narrator, the narrator pics one of his cards and says something about it, could be a word, a sentence, a song, a sound etc and places it face down so the other players can’t see it. Now, the other players choose from their hand a card that they thing that it fits the given theme, and also place them face down, the cards are them shuffled, and showed and everyone, except the narrator, votes at the same time which card they think it was the original (the narrator’s card). The narrator gets 3 points if someone voted for his card, the people that voted for the narrator’s card also get 3 points, if someone voted for another card that it wasn’t the narrator’s, the owner of that card gets 1 point, however if everyone voted for the narrator’s card (meaning his description was too obvious), the narrator gets no points, and everyone else gets 2, And if the opposite happens, none voted for the narrator card (meaning it was too obscure), the same happens, narrator gets no points, and everyone gets 2 points, its a super easy game to learn and fun for all ages, i highly recommend it.


Now if you are interested in table top games or want A LOT BETTER explanations them mine i HIGHLY recommend to go watch Will Wheaton show called “table top” on youtube (link here) That show is awesome and REALLY got me more into table top gaming, made me buy those games, and gnarl at my wallet cause i want more!

Now go on, have some fun!!


(Mandatory random cat picture)


(Ps: sorry for the holes on the towel in the pictures my youngest cat loves drilling holes on it :<)


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