Quick info and small diy

So my sister came home from the UK, so that means I’m not home, I’m at my mother’s, it also means that I’m typing from my tablet and crying inside (keyboards are just so much faster) but at least i don’t need to send the pictures from my tablet to my email, witch is nice.
Anyways! Just before my sister arrived i had a lil issue, my lovely router (which was at my sisters room) did not fit anymore cause of the kids bed (wire to plug ratio wasn’t working), also it was extremely inconvenient to have it inside a room.


So it had to come out. I looked around the corridors and this was the only socket i could find. (I did saw another one but it was ripped to pieces)
the fact that there was furniture next to it was a plus.

But the wiring could not come from the floor (cause tiny kids) so with a lil patience persistence and lots of tape i made it go trough the top…. Slight issue (after i tapped half of the wall) the socket wasn’t actually working ( great job at testing it smartass), and there was no way the network cable could reach the living room. So kid’s safety cap back on.
It was them that i remembered that i had a wall socket in my room by the door.


i just had to puch the furniture a lil bit, as for the cord passing trough the door, it actually already had a large gap in the bottom so it wasn’t an issue, so lots and lots of tape after, TADA a working solution!

Sure it doesn’t look pretty and it probably wont hold out for long, but it was meant to be a quick fix, once me and my man get a bit more time in our hands we will fix it properly.
All of this to tell you, when faced with a problem, don’t panic! Be creative!

(Sorry no cats this time) :<


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