Christmas debris


There are two kinds of people, the ones who fully rip smash and trash their Christmas gifts wrapping paper and the ones who carefully open it so they don’t damage it too much. I am the second, now the issue with this is that you end up having a box or drawer filled with warping paper that you end up not reusing because the size does not fit the gifts you intend to wrap. However to minimize this i have come up with a plan.

1º. Ribbons

Thats the easy bit, ribbons can 100% be reused, just carefully remove them from your gift and save them, the most common kind are the swirly ones (at least were I live) even if they become squashed you can always quickly fix them with a scissor. I usually only fix them before use, because they can get damaged again, but for research purpose I did a few.

Just put the ribbon on top of the scissor hold it with your thumb and slowly pull the ribbon with the other hand so it slides on the blade.

Them you have the more elaborate ribbons, that can also get squashed and you look at them and think “well it’s useless now” THINK AGAIN, you just have to deconstruct it.

Just remove the tape apply scissors, voilà there you go a perfectly good to use ribbon again.

Now its time to store them and move on to wrapping paper.


(I think i might need a new box)

2º. Wrapping paper

Now heres the deal with wrapping paper, no matter how much you want to, you cant save it all. (I know, I’m so sorry ;_;) Part of it always gets damaged during travels and mr tape loves to tear it apart.

So what we do first is salvage it, deconstruct and remove all tape, them remove the damaged bits with a scissor (make them as big as you can and keep them squared or rectangular). Now if you are lucky you will be left with a big chunk witch you can immediately save (assuming its big enough to wrap a book or so)


If luck is not your friend you will be left with a paper that has so much damage from mr tape that makes you want to cry, WORRY NOT.


Remember that i told you to removed the damaged bits but keep it as big as you could and rectangular? Thats because we are about to make envelops, sure they wont allow you to wrap a big gift, but it will save you hassle latter down the line to wrap something medium/small that has absolutely no shape for you to work with.


Steps are simple.

  • Fold it so only a bit of the inside is showing
  • Trim the sides for accuracy
  • Fold the open bits twice and apply some tape (except the white one that is sticking out)
  • Trim the white bit on the sides so it becomes a semi triangle (like a proper envelope)
  • ???
  • Profit!

Now you can safely put whatever gift you want there and just close it with a bit of tape.

There are exceptions to this whole mishmash, a bottle of wine package will always serve for another bottle of wine.


And them theres the publicity paper, some people are not bothered by it, however I don’t like to use it on my gifts. Last year i tried removing the publicity bit out to make envelops but they ended up being quite small.

This year I opted for something else, I grabbed a pair of (not so) trusted decorative cut scissors, and made (quite a few i might need to give some away o.o) name tags.


In the end this was my “haul”


How about you? Do you have any creative ideas to lower the stack of your used Christmas wrapping paper?


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