Fantasy Life, my new addiction

I have a confession… i might have became addicted to a game ( again…)


The game in question is Fantasy Life for the 3ds, made by level 5 ( witch I only found out after playing it for a wile, making sense to why I got addicted, I love most of their games). See, when i first saw the game i tough it was cute and looked fun so I decided to give it a go.

I started the game, standard procedure create your character, and them… “chose your life”, now let me point out that at this point in time I was on ts with a couple of mates, and my immediate reaction was, “This game just asked me to chose a life, I’m not sure how I should fell about this.”, “What are your options?”, was i them asked to which I replied “I don’t know I haven’t got that far…”. Pressed A, next screen, “Oh okay its your usual class things, Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter, Magician…. Cook… Angler…. Tailor….???? wait a minute what?!”.


I was confused, Usually you pick your “warrior” class and them the “professions” this game was asking me to chose one overall, okay sure being a foodie, I’ll go cook, cause why not, I’m a woman right?

The game them proceeded to congratulate me on getting a life (thanks game…) and giving me a huge lecture on how every life was important, and everyone could be a hero (I swear during that lecture the game mentioned every life but the cook <.<) it even joked around quite a bit. At this point the game had me, not only was it already unusual i was becoming quite amused of its humor.


You are them pitched into the game having virtually everyone congratulating you on getting a life (you’re not helping, game!!!) Them you accidentally meet a cheeky butterfly, meet the king, have your “mother like friend” hinting that she believes your new butterfly friend is your girlfriend (the humor in this game just keeps giving), And them sleep, and get hinted that theres a deeper story, one that you don’t know yet, its not all just fun and games, getting life’s, cooking, catching fish, killing monsters the world seems at peril and somehow you are at the center of it. ( I mean you have too, you’re the main character right?)


You can try every life and level them up as you see fit, I personally enjoy leveling them all. and doing all their quests as I unlock new areas, I’m a completionist at heart really. All lifes have their own set of goals and objectives, some of them you can complete wile in another life, others you need to have that specific life active, however every one of them has special perks wile they are the active one, like per ex more loot and xp for the current life.

As you level your life’s and meet people you’ll unlock bliss which will give you a bunch of perks, like bigger bags, new items in vendors and even pets!


Also when you do something “amazing” like chop down a big tree, hook a big fish or kill a big baddie, you get a “bounty” (a box that you can pick up and will follow you around), that you can deliver to your closest bounty clerk for extra rewards and dosh (dosh is the money currency on the game), be aware that at any given time there can only can be 3 bounties in the world, if you get a fourth, wile already carrying three, the first you got will disappear (I wish I had realized it sooner, I think the game tried to tell me but I didn’t pay attention)

The way you move trough the story and unlock new areas, is via doing the butterfly requests, truth be told i haven’t got too far on the story yet, cause I always try keep up with every single life.


The game is lovely, love its humor, love the art style, the story gives it meaning, even the sound track is great.

There is a fault however… the orange start/save screen makes my head hurt @_@.

Now if only my 3ds would finish charging so I can go back in game.


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