Mobile gaming

I know some of you are already cringing at that title, but lets talk real!

When we think of mobile gaming the first games that pop into mind are games like candy crush or farmville, and most of gamers out there are like “ugh how can you call this a game”, wile others try to actively hide the fact that its their guilty pleasure.

Lets not forget mobile gaming is great for people who simply don’t have that much time so they can take every break they get to play, like doing a massive number two, commuting, waiting for water to boil, even just before falling asleep.

The truth is, these days there are mobile games for literally every type of gamer, from your typical farmville like games to fully fledged games like xcom (yes, it is on the mobile store!) the latter ofc needing payment. I will now mention some of my own guilty pleasures, some games that I simply find myself returning to and cannot for the life of me uninstall from my system.


Cooking dash 2016 is a game that follows from a popular computer game called dinner dash, and oh boy was I addicted to those, so its only normal that I would jump straight into the app version. In the game you run a restaurant show, I guess? Anyways you take orders, you make food, you deliver orders. Being a free mobile game you ofc have 2 types of currencies, coins and gold, gold being the premium currency, (if you don’t like to trow money at your mobile for the premium currency, you can always get it via adds, dailies, or rare drops from VIP costumers) you need both currencies to upgrade restaurants, get better foods or open new restaurants, them you have special guests, that you can ask to join your show for boosts and more money.

I dunno theres just something about food and time management that really hits the spot for me.


Sims freeplay, yes, its a sims game, its exactly how you would expect a sims game to be, EXCEPT, it has quests, and most of your actions actually take a long time, I often compare it to real time, they kinda take up the same time as a real action would (also a premium currency that you can honestly get it easily for free). Even tough I enjoy the game, like the original sims I find myself playing it, get tired of it, stop playing, and them getting back to it.


You them have, ofc, other great free games like, Plants vs Zombies 2 or fallout shelter. However if none of the free games fancy you, due to “time gates” or premium currencies, and you really don’t want to pay for a mobile game, don’t fret, if you own an ios system (like an ipad or a iphone) and go to the store, every week on the top you have the app of the week, its a free app every week (often games), just need to download it, and it will be forever registered on your account. This week we had “lifeline whiteout”, a game were you are speaking to someone tough the radio, giving them advice on how to survive.


I actually had no idea about the “app of the week” thing, until a friend told me, and I was so annoyed when I saw his library filled with games that I missed out on. But that doesn’t need to happen to you.

So grab your phones with no fear! It doest matter when, or what, or the type of game, as long as you are having fun.


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