Random thoughts and banter

I woke up with this weird idea in my head.

Heroes wear disguises not to be unrecognized, but because its more acceptable that way. People love heroes they idolize them, however if they saw an alien they would be scared, shoot him and dissect his body (superman), or if someone got bit by a spider and suddenly was gashing webs everywhere, it would proly be locked up or shoot. I mean aqua-men is cool and all but if people realize that those are actual scales…well you know the drill.


On another note i would love to tell you about games I’ve been playing, but the reality is I have slipped into my old habits of playing world of warcraft and guild wars 2. The Wow account is shared with my bf and I made a commitment since they released the tokens that we would not pay another game month, (I can srsly go out to diner at the local pizzeria with 12€) and I guess I should keep up with that, I have 2 months left, my aim is to have a year. As far as Gw2 goes I have basically only been doing the dailies, theres loads of other stuff that I wanted to do on that game, but once I turn it on I can only bring myself to do the dailies. Oh well its something.

I have however been playing a new game on my tablet, but I honestly haven’t played it for that long to make a judgment on it.


On a fully unrelated note the new “free app of the week” just came out, its apparently an app to keep track of your water intake, I think I will check it out now.


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