Sugar numbers

I like numbers, actually maths was one of my favorite classes when growing up. However it bugs me how media outlets like to sugar coat numbers to make them look better.

495 13375 1665

Heres the example, yesterday my boyfriend was watching the royal rumble, although he is not much of a wrestling fan he enjoys watching the rumble every year. Rules in the rumble are as follow, 30 people go in 1 comes out victorious (you lose by going over the top rope and both feet touch the ground), normal competition right? 30 contesters 1 winner, so far so good, but here is what bugged me, and I swear they said this countless times (numbers not a exact match cause i cant remember them exactly, ironic i know.) “Over the years 800~ wrestlers entered the rumble and only 27~ won, that gives it a rate of 4% chance of winning, thats how hard this competition is!”. I’m sorry what? isn’t like that in every other competition once you crush the numbers? Actually I think if we evaluate from the same angle running competition probably have like a 0.0001% chance to win. But I digress I get the point, by shoving statistics into your audience it makes it sound more amazing.

1 6 8 3

But it doesn’t stop here, chances are that somewhere on tv or the Internet, even when talking to your friends, if someone tells you “we are in top 15” they are 15th place cause if you were in 12th you would probably say top 12, it sounds better, makes it look more like an achievement instead of just saying “oh, i finished 15th”. And its the same with big numbers, “Dozens of people got injured on huge traffic accident”, chances are, the actual number will sit between 12-30, but dozens, omg dozens of people got hurt, if however the number would be 70+ headlines would probably shift to “nearly a hundred people injured” or if it passed it would be just hundreds.

Maybe its just me, it bugs me how much sugar they add to numbers to make them look shiny, i like my numbers simple and direct.

Now excuse me cause i have been ranting for nearly one hour and most of the day has already passed, i have less them six hours left and dozens of things to do. 😉


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