Brain games

I have found a new gaming app that made me quite addicted (up until the point were i finished it) Its called “Tricky“. The basis of the game is, you start with 500 IQ points and  need to answer, or do 100 simple tasks, every time you fail a question/task you lose a point. Sounds easy right? But not everything is what it seems, and more often them not you are forced to think outside the box.


I always liked games that made you think, I remember my 1st favorite game gender was point and click and my 1st game of said gender was Diskworld II. I enjoyed that game so much, that even today I still make reference jokes about it (unfortunately hardly anyone gets them).


It is kinda annoying that point and click games these days are a dying breed, however sometimes we still get wiffs of fresh air with games like Deponia (Thank you indie developers). Of course you also have the less looked at point and clicks adventures from big fish and others, although there are a soft version of them I can still get some enjoyment out of it.

Them you have “THE” game (in my opinion anyways) that gives you actual puzzles and a great story. Professor Layton was, and always will be one of my favorite game series. Unfortunately they have no plans to release any other game.

But its not just games I also have a bunch of books with brain teezers and puzzles, and there is even a TV series called “Brain Games” from National Geographic that I absolutely adore.


How about you? Do you enjoy to put your brain to the test?


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