Be my Valentin€

Valentine’s day, it might have started with a day to celebrate love, but let’s be honest money took over. I’m all in to have a romantic day with my boyfriend, but way things happen in valentines makes me cringe.
One year me and boyfriend decided to go to the mall just to have an afternoon snack, the amount of males lining up in the florist shop was absolutely crazy. I swear that shop rarely has anyone in there, and in valentines the queue almost went around the entire mall.
Me and my bf eventually decided not to celebrate it, because the amount of commotion that happens in that day is ridiculous. Like my boyfriend says “valentines is whenever a couple wants it to be”.
The point is, just because it’s valentine you should not feel pressured to spend money, and you shouldn’t need a day to show your love to your other half.
The same way that just because its valentines you shouldn’t be sad if you don’t have a pair, love comes in many ways, parents, brothers or sisters, friends, sons and daughters…
Like I usually say, smile, you never know who is falling in love with it.


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