There is some sort of cheese fest were I live this weekend. I am kinda exited for it but at the same time.. who am I kidding? Ill go there, there will be a bunch of ppl selling cheese, some others not really selling cheese, a food court, and drunken main singing… I guess one can hope to meet friends and maybe have a meal, but who knows.

The funny part about this “fest” is the effort that the city council puts forward, they fixed some road holes, shoved some lights in the streets leading to the place, they even removed the extremely acid oranges from the orange trees that decorate the town, well, they removed them from the street that leads to the fair and not anywhere else, I live a couple of streets from it and the orange trees here did not suffer such fate. Today there is a sort of sandstorm around witch made streets and cars fully dirty, and I kid you not they were sweeping said street, THEY WERE LITERALLY SWEEPING THE ROAD WITH BROOMS.

All of this because of some cheese and drunken singing. WOO PARTY.


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