App games…:(

You might wonder why the sad face, well its because this week i found 2 games that I thought to be good but ended up disappointing (in my opinion anyways).


The 1st game I found was the app reencarnement of rollercoaster tycoon called “rollercoaster tycoon touch”. I played that game when I was a kid, and thought it would be a good blast from the past, the graphics were nice, the game looked good, but once I started going trough the tutorial it didn’t take long till I had enough. See app games tend to really engage you at the start, but this one didn’t had that feel, I quickly got tired of the new cards, the roller coaster building itself was not fluid and they didn’t do a good job explaining the “stats” of rides. Usually games last at least 2 days on my ipad, this unfortunately did not last 1h.


The other app game i tried (and this one is still installed) was “hidden city: mystery of shadows”. I did read some opinions before installing it, and though it was a good enough game to pass the time, and in a way I did enjoy it. Its a hidden object game, with some story so it keeps it interesting, this would indd be a great game, however what got to me was the sheer amount of G5 publicity (the game company), we are talking about games, books, in game purchases, you name it. The other thing that got under my skin was that once you lvl’d up to a certain amount it was like the story gained 10 different branches, you get way 2 many quests and it becomes confusing over all. The reason why I still have the game is because I kinda still want to play it, although I think I wont touch it again so soon.

Hopefully next time will be better.


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