I have nothing to play…

I have been on a straight schedule of playing gw2 and wow, I haven’t even touched my app games in weeks. But its wearing off, there has been a wave of great games coming out and its been putting me in a mood to play some single player rpg’s. That’s were the problem lies.

I have a few games in my steam library that i want to play, and I never even started them  once, but I cant bring myself to press play or chose one, I also still have a bunch of games that I want to play on my 3ds, and last but not least I have an absolute ton of games I want to finish, but haven’t yet.

I have that problem with games, specially if they are too open world (witch tends to happen on rpgs) I want to do all the things and them eventually burn out and stop playing, I have had that with dragon age 3 and it is literally my fav game series, I REALLY want to finish it, but… I’m weird ok? I always stopped playing all the final fantasy’s once the world opened up, I felt like I had to farm, and I did… and them stopped playing, only finishing the games quite a few months (sometimes years) down the line.

I remember when i started skyrim, it was my first big open world game, once I was done with the “tutorial” and the quests started pilling up, I swear my brain had a huge derp, I was completely overwhelmed.

But it turns out that its not only games, I actually have the same problem with books (Yes you herd me BOOKS) I start reading them and when they start ramping up to the final… I stop. I did it with the final book of harry potter, I started it and them it took me about 2 years for me to bring myself to finish it.

Maybe its not a problem with finishing things, but rather not wanting the journey to end.


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