Eating Healthy

Today there was a news report saying over 50% of the country’s population had extra weigh (extra weigh is not the same as overweight), and that most people ate too much meat/fish and not enough veggies, that you should not eat more them 100g of red meat a day.

This stuck with me, I alone eat about 200g of meat/fish per meal, although I don’t eat a lot of red meat but still. I wondered if they were exaggerating, but whether they were or not it is true and I do need to put more vegetables in my meals.

I have already been trying before to never make a meal without a single vegetable and so far I have been successful. But now I am on a quest to find and experiment new meals.

Today I made turkey steaks with mushrooms and tomato rice with peas and spinach. Tomorrow I’m thinking of making some pasta with loads of veggies and a small portion of sliced turkey, although it does mean I need to go shopping.

I do need to start looking for and start writing down better recipes, maybe eventually I can compile some and share.

I wonder though.. do mushrooms count as vegetables?


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