I always enjoyed watching nature, I remember when I was a lil girl I would wake up early at dawn to observe the birds, heh.. I remember when i was even younger them that and looking out at the stars singing at them.

_DSC0058 (2).jpg

I don’t think I would ever get tired of watching nature. Just the other day I was watching some ants, and its funny how they are always going around trying to get food for the colony, you usually see them moving about with tiny crumbs and stuff, but them you have those other ants, overachievers they spot this massing thing about five times bigger them them, but they aren’t leaving it there oh no, so you see this tiny ant trying to drag this massing thing and its hard, you genuinely see them struggling, eventually they finally make it they reach the colony, and you can almost see them celebrating…. until they realize they can’t fit it in the hole, them you see this desperate ant trying to figure out how the hell it’s going to bring the thing in, until a bunch of other workers arrive and help dismember it. I remember looking at a monkey before with a similar struggle, it wanted to take a stick to its hut, but the stick was about 2x the size of the door, eventually the monkey gave up and broke it in half.

Speaking of nature, I sorta got trowed a curved ball, someone abandoned a puppy near my mother’s in law place, the poor thing didn’t even open his eyes yet, we are taking care of it and later we will eventually figure out what to do (I believe she going to keep it, but we will see)

I will try and get some pictures later for everyone to see.


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