About me

Hi, i am a 29 year old female and i don’t work, i guess im one of those who you call a “housewife” (although i’m not even married yet).

Its not like i didn’t want to work, the opportunity just never rose, in a country were unemployment is at 20%~ and the fact that i don’t have a degree does not help.

I tried getting a job for years but now i gave up and chose to stay at home, if anything i will try and make a lil income at home via my various hobbies.

What are those you ask? Well,

  • I like photography, as a amateur i try and sell my photos at websites sutch as stutterstock and stuffs
  • I like crafting, so i tend to try a lot of projects (failing a lot too) and use them for home improvements, gifts and sometimes i try to sell them on sites like ebay
  • I like gaming, actually scratch that, i LOVE gaming, almost the bane of my existence and even tough i don’t actually see a way to make money with it i cannot pass without it

Other than that i have 2 lady cats that i absolutely adore, of course i do the dreaded housework, but i’m always trying to find ways to do it faster or cut corners, and i love food i try to eat healthy too, although i don’t bother much with cooking for myself, i love cooking for others (and since i do cook for my boyfriend everyday…).

So hopefully you will enjoy my endeavors as i try new crafts, games, foods and take a lot of cat pictures.