I always enjoyed watching nature, I remember when I was a lil girl I would wake up early at dawn to observe the birds, heh.. I remember when i was even younger them that and looking out at the stars singing at them.

_DSC0058 (2).jpg

I don’t think I would ever get tired of watching nature. Just the other day I was watching some ants, and its funny how they are always going around trying to get food for the colony, you usually see them moving about with tiny crumbs and stuff, but them you have those other ants, overachievers they spot this massing thing about five times bigger them them, but they aren’t leaving it there oh no, so you see this tiny ant trying to drag this massing thing and its hard, you genuinely see them struggling, eventually they finally make it they reach the colony, and you can almost see them celebrating…. until they realize they can’t fit it in the hole, them you see this desperate ant trying to figure out how the hell it’s going to bring the thing in, until a bunch of other workers arrive and help dismember it. I remember looking at a monkey before with a similar struggle, it wanted to take a stick to its hut, but the stick was about 2x the size of the door, eventually the monkey gave up and broke it in half.

Speaking of nature, I sorta got trowed a curved ball, someone abandoned a puppy near my mother’s in law place, the poor thing didn’t even open his eyes yet, we are taking care of it and later we will eventually figure out what to do (I believe she going to keep it, but we will see)

I will try and get some pictures later for everyone to see.


Eating Healthy

Today there was a news report saying over 50% of the country’s population had extra weigh (extra weigh is not the same as overweight), and that most people ate too much meat/fish and not enough veggies, that you should not eat more them 100g of red meat a day.

This stuck with me, I alone eat about 200g of meat/fish per meal, although I don’t eat a lot of red meat but still. I wondered if they were exaggerating, but whether they were or not it is true and I do need to put more vegetables in my meals.

I have already been trying before to never make a meal without a single vegetable and so far I have been successful. But now I am on a quest to find and experiment new meals.

Today I made turkey steaks with mushrooms and tomato rice with peas and spinach. Tomorrow I’m thinking of making some pasta with loads of veggies and a small portion of sliced turkey, although it does mean I need to go shopping.

I do need to start looking for and start writing down better recipes, maybe eventually I can compile some and share.

I wonder though.. do mushrooms count as vegetables?

I have nothing to play…

I have been on a straight schedule of playing gw2 and wow, I haven’t even touched my app games in weeks. But its wearing off, there has been a wave of great games coming out and its been putting me in a mood to play some single player rpg’s. That’s were the problem lies.

I have a few games in my steam library that i want to play, and I never even started them  once, but I cant bring myself to press play or chose one, I also still have a bunch of games that I want to play on my 3ds, and last but not least I have an absolute ton of games I want to finish, but haven’t yet.

I have that problem with games, specially if they are too open world (witch tends to happen on rpgs) I want to do all the things and them eventually burn out and stop playing, I have had that with dragon age 3 and it is literally my fav game series, I REALLY want to finish it, but… I’m weird ok? I always stopped playing all the final fantasy’s once the world opened up, I felt like I had to farm, and I did… and them stopped playing, only finishing the games quite a few months (sometimes years) down the line.

I remember when i started skyrim, it was my first big open world game, once I was done with the “tutorial” and the quests started pilling up, I swear my brain had a huge derp, I was completely overwhelmed.

But it turns out that its not only games, I actually have the same problem with books (Yes you herd me BOOKS) I start reading them and when they start ramping up to the final… I stop. I did it with the final book of harry potter, I started it and them it took me about 2 years for me to bring myself to finish it.

Maybe its not a problem with finishing things, but rather not wanting the journey to end.

Pictures and stuff

I have been (at a very slow pace) sorting out my pictures, I’ve manage to make it a daily thing to at least sort one out, it’s a lot I know! But hey one a day is better them “oh i will do it later” and they will stick in the same folder for months (sometimes years).

I also have been thinking about making a twitter just to shove all the random thoughts that i have throughout the day, and to share stuffs i see in game, for example when playing on my Death knight in world of warcraft today i was in total shock when we went to recruit High Inquisitor Whitemane, I am assuming it’s High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane, I srsly did not see that coming (and i might have yelled “ARISE MY CHAMPION”).

On another note i spend at least a good 5 mins looking for my cat until i found her.


App games…:(

You might wonder why the sad face, well its because this week i found 2 games that I thought to be good but ended up disappointing (in my opinion anyways).


The 1st game I found was the app reencarnement of rollercoaster tycoon called “rollercoaster tycoon touch”. I played that game when I was a kid, and thought it would be a good blast from the past, the graphics were nice, the game looked good, but once I started going trough the tutorial it didn’t take long till I had enough. See app games tend to really engage you at the start, but this one didn’t had that feel, I quickly got tired of the new cards, the roller coaster building itself was not fluid and they didn’t do a good job explaining the “stats” of rides. Usually games last at least 2 days on my ipad, this unfortunately did not last 1h.


The other app game i tried (and this one is still installed) was “hidden city: mystery of shadows”. I did read some opinions before installing it, and though it was a good enough game to pass the time, and in a way I did enjoy it. Its a hidden object game, with some story so it keeps it interesting, this would indd be a great game, however what got to me was the sheer amount of G5 publicity (the game company), we are talking about games, books, in game purchases, you name it. The other thing that got under my skin was that once you lvl’d up to a certain amount it was like the story gained 10 different branches, you get way 2 many quests and it becomes confusing over all. The reason why I still have the game is because I kinda still want to play it, although I think I wont touch it again so soon.

Hopefully next time will be better.



There is some sort of cheese fest were I live this weekend. I am kinda exited for it but at the same time.. who am I kidding? Ill go there, there will be a bunch of ppl selling cheese, some others not really selling cheese, a food court, and drunken main singing… I guess one can hope to meet friends and maybe have a meal, but who knows.

The funny part about this “fest” is the effort that the city council puts forward, they fixed some road holes, shoved some lights in the streets leading to the place, they even removed the extremely acid oranges from the orange trees that decorate the town, well, they removed them from the street that leads to the fair and not anywhere else, I live a couple of streets from it and the orange trees here did not suffer such fate. Today there is a sort of sandstorm around witch made streets and cars fully dirty, and I kid you not they were sweeping said street, THEY WERE LITERALLY SWEEPING THE ROAD WITH BROOMS.

All of this because of some cheese and drunken singing. WOO PARTY.

IRL lag

Do you know that feeling when you go on vacation, break your routine, them you get back home and you feel lost?

Yep thats me, except I wasn’t actually on vacation, I was at my mother’s for a week since my sister came over from abroad to visit, but it was enough to make me lose my step in my daily routines.

I did a small pillow for needles out of scrapes tough! However I fully messed up the closing stitch, oh well.

Here, have a random water creature picture I took at the zoo. He looks cute I want it.



Be my Valentin€

Valentine’s day, it might have started with a day to celebrate love, but let’s be honest money took over. I’m all in to have a romantic day with my boyfriend, but way things happen in valentines makes me cringe.
One year me and boyfriend decided to go to the mall just to have an afternoon snack, the amount of males lining up in the florist shop was absolutely crazy. I swear that shop rarely has anyone in there, and in valentines the queue almost went around the entire mall.
Me and my bf eventually decided not to celebrate it, because the amount of commotion that happens in that day is ridiculous. Like my boyfriend says “valentines is whenever a couple wants it to be”.
The point is, just because it’s valentine you should not feel pressured to spend money, and you shouldn’t need a day to show your love to your other half.
The same way that just because its valentines you shouldn’t be sad if you don’t have a pair, love comes in many ways, parents, brothers or sisters, friends, sons and daughters…
Like I usually say, smile, you never know who is falling in love with it.

The plot thickens

Warning this post may (will) contain small spoilers of the new GW2 living world episode “the head of the snake”.


First of let me start with, why a new area every time? are they trying to release an entire continent? Anyways with that out of the way… As a human character myself it fell extremely satisfying being the Queens left wing for once, also she looked really bad ass. Although none was surprised when it was revealed that Logan liked the queen, i was surprised to the fact that the queen reacted to that statement, She knew, and she was angry that someone said it out loud, witch makes me think, MAYBE theres more them meets the eye, also this “E” letter got stuck in my head.


There is deftly something going on, but thats how  far i got into the story yet.




Quickly switching games, some of you might have heard that wow tokens can now be exchanged for battle net credit in America, witch lead to a crazy increase in prices in both America and Europe. I have to admit I was (am) looking forward to this, but the increase in prices left me a bit annoyed, although it is normal, I hope they stabilize (even tough when it actually gets live in the EU they will increase again). This unfortunately staled my “I’m gonna farm 1y game time”, however it makes me want to “farm” more, cause maybe by a new expansion comes out, the change will be live in Europe and i can buy it with gold.