Brain games

I have found a new gaming app that made me quite addicted (up until the point were i finished it) Its called “Tricky“. The basis of the game is, you start with 500 IQ points and  need to answer, or do 100 simple tasks, every time you fail a question/task you lose a point. Sounds easy right? But not everything is what it seems, and more often them not you are forced to think outside the box.


I always liked games that made you think, I remember my 1st favorite game gender was point and click and my 1st game of said gender was Diskworld II. I enjoyed that game so much, that even today I still make reference jokes about it (unfortunately hardly anyone gets them).


It is kinda annoying that point and click games these days are a dying breed, however sometimes we still get wiffs of fresh air with games like Deponia (Thank you indie developers). Of course you also have the less looked at point and clicks adventures from big fish and others, although there are a soft version of them I can still get some enjoyment out of it.

Them you have “THE” game (in my opinion anyways) that gives you actual puzzles and a great story. Professor Layton was, and always will be one of my favorite game series. Unfortunately they have no plans to release any other game.

But its not just games I also have a bunch of books with brain teezers and puzzles, and there is even a TV series called “Brain Games” from National Geographic that I absolutely adore.


How about you? Do you enjoy to put your brain to the test?


Special day

Today Milly, my eldest cat turns 10 to celebrate I decided to compile a bunch of her pictures together.

I can only hope that one day I will be able to say you are turning 20. ❤

Sugar numbers

I like numbers, actually maths was one of my favorite classes when growing up. However it bugs me how media outlets like to sugar coat numbers to make them look better.

495 13375 1665

Heres the example, yesterday my boyfriend was watching the royal rumble, although he is not much of a wrestling fan he enjoys watching the rumble every year. Rules in the rumble are as follow, 30 people go in 1 comes out victorious (you lose by going over the top rope and both feet touch the ground), normal competition right? 30 contesters 1 winner, so far so good, but here is what bugged me, and I swear they said this countless times (numbers not a exact match cause i cant remember them exactly, ironic i know.) “Over the years 800~ wrestlers entered the rumble and only 27~ won, that gives it a rate of 4% chance of winning, thats how hard this competition is!”. I’m sorry what? isn’t like that in every other competition once you crush the numbers? Actually I think if we evaluate from the same angle running competition probably have like a 0.0001% chance to win. But I digress I get the point, by shoving statistics into your audience it makes it sound more amazing.

1 6 8 3

But it doesn’t stop here, chances are that somewhere on tv or the Internet, even when talking to your friends, if someone tells you “we are in top 15” they are 15th place cause if you were in 12th you would probably say top 12, it sounds better, makes it look more like an achievement instead of just saying “oh, i finished 15th”. And its the same with big numbers, “Dozens of people got injured on huge traffic accident”, chances are, the actual number will sit between 12-30, but dozens, omg dozens of people got hurt, if however the number would be 70+ headlines would probably shift to “nearly a hundred people injured” or if it passed it would be just hundreds.

Maybe its just me, it bugs me how much sugar they add to numbers to make them look shiny, i like my numbers simple and direct.

Now excuse me cause i have been ranting for nearly one hour and most of the day has already passed, i have less them six hours left and dozens of things to do. 😉

Random thoughts and banter

I woke up with this weird idea in my head.

Heroes wear disguises not to be unrecognized, but because its more acceptable that way. People love heroes they idolize them, however if they saw an alien they would be scared, shoot him and dissect his body (superman), or if someone got bit by a spider and suddenly was gashing webs everywhere, it would proly be locked up or shoot. I mean aqua-men is cool and all but if people realize that those are actual scales…well you know the drill.


On another note i would love to tell you about games I’ve been playing, but the reality is I have slipped into my old habits of playing world of warcraft and guild wars 2. The Wow account is shared with my bf and I made a commitment since they released the tokens that we would not pay another game month, (I can srsly go out to diner at the local pizzeria with 12€) and I guess I should keep up with that, I have 2 months left, my aim is to have a year. As far as Gw2 goes I have basically only been doing the dailies, theres loads of other stuff that I wanted to do on that game, but once I turn it on I can only bring myself to do the dailies. Oh well its something.

I have however been playing a new game on my tablet, but I honestly haven’t played it for that long to make a judgment on it.


On a fully unrelated note the new “free app of the week” just came out, its apparently an app to keep track of your water intake, I think I will check it out now.

Lazy Food day

I was doomed by my boyfriend to have lunch alone, and in my world that means its a lazy food day. What is lazy food you ask? Well it aint canned stuff cause it tastes horrible (im a picky lazy). What I do is, shove some rice and chicken peas to cook and add tuna (okay fine 1 canned stuff) done! Its good and healthy! And nearly no work at all.


On a fully unrelated note my slippers decided to play a trick last nigh on the pool.


(Mauled table cloth, courtesy of my cats)

luckly all I needed was a lil help from my “friend”


Now excuse me wile I go play some games ~~\o\

Organizing life at the tip of your fingers

At the end of last year my boyfriend told me about an app that would act like a to-do list but it was a game at the same time, I laughed but was intrigued. I downloaded it just to check it out and never touched it again. After a few days I decided to take a more serious look at it.

The app is called Habitica, there is also a browser version of it. I however use it on my tablet.

Like mentioned the app is sort of a game, you make your character and you do things to level up, gain experience, loot and quests, kinda like a rpg. If you lose all your health, you lose a level, and you can party and join guilds to do quests. The way it works is, you can set habits, dailies and to-dos.


Habits basically is were you put things that you want (or don’t want) to become a habit, like brushing your teeth or a bad habit like smoking. Habits don’t disappear when completed and can be completed at anytime with no time limit a good Habit will give you experience (and loot if you are lucky) a bad habit will damage you.

Dailies is something you set up to be done at specific days of the week (or everyday) that NEED to be completed, like per example update your blog (I don’t know were I got this example <.<). Dailies appear on the weekdays you have set them to be completed. Completing them will award you experience (and loot if you are lucky) however, failure to do so will cause you damage.

To-do’s are literally a to-do list, you put things that you need to do like per ex, call a work mate or organize your closet. Like habits they don’t have a time limit, but once you complete them they disappear. As others, completing them will award experience and the mighty loot if you are lucky.

For me Habitica is not so much about the game as it is to keep you organized and on top of things. It helps you remember all the things you need to do, and keep you focused on what you want to accomplish. The game in itself is a bonus.

So if like me, you forget a lot and need to focus, Habitica might be the change you need.

Mobile gaming

I know some of you are already cringing at that title, but lets talk real!

When we think of mobile gaming the first games that pop into mind are games like candy crush or farmville, and most of gamers out there are like “ugh how can you call this a game”, wile others try to actively hide the fact that its their guilty pleasure.

Lets not forget mobile gaming is great for people who simply don’t have that much time so they can take every break they get to play, like doing a massive number two, commuting, waiting for water to boil, even just before falling asleep.

The truth is, these days there are mobile games for literally every type of gamer, from your typical farmville like games to fully fledged games like xcom (yes, it is on the mobile store!) the latter ofc needing payment. I will now mention some of my own guilty pleasures, some games that I simply find myself returning to and cannot for the life of me uninstall from my system.


Cooking dash 2016 is a game that follows from a popular computer game called dinner dash, and oh boy was I addicted to those, so its only normal that I would jump straight into the app version. In the game you run a restaurant show, I guess? Anyways you take orders, you make food, you deliver orders. Being a free mobile game you ofc have 2 types of currencies, coins and gold, gold being the premium currency, (if you don’t like to trow money at your mobile for the premium currency, you can always get it via adds, dailies, or rare drops from VIP costumers) you need both currencies to upgrade restaurants, get better foods or open new restaurants, them you have special guests, that you can ask to join your show for boosts and more money.

I dunno theres just something about food and time management that really hits the spot for me.


Sims freeplay, yes, its a sims game, its exactly how you would expect a sims game to be, EXCEPT, it has quests, and most of your actions actually take a long time, I often compare it to real time, they kinda take up the same time as a real action would (also a premium currency that you can honestly get it easily for free). Even tough I enjoy the game, like the original sims I find myself playing it, get tired of it, stop playing, and them getting back to it.


You them have, ofc, other great free games like, Plants vs Zombies 2 or fallout shelter. However if none of the free games fancy you, due to “time gates” or premium currencies, and you really don’t want to pay for a mobile game, don’t fret, if you own an ios system (like an ipad or a iphone) and go to the store, every week on the top you have the app of the week, its a free app every week (often games), just need to download it, and it will be forever registered on your account. This week we had “lifeline whiteout”, a game were you are speaking to someone tough the radio, giving them advice on how to survive.


I actually had no idea about the “app of the week” thing, until a friend told me, and I was so annoyed when I saw his library filled with games that I missed out on. But that doesn’t need to happen to you.

So grab your phones with no fear! It doest matter when, or what, or the type of game, as long as you are having fun.

Fantasy Life, my new addiction

I have a confession… i might have became addicted to a game ( again…)


The game in question is Fantasy Life for the 3ds, made by level 5 ( witch I only found out after playing it for a wile, making sense to why I got addicted, I love most of their games). See, when i first saw the game i tough it was cute and looked fun so I decided to give it a go.

I started the game, standard procedure create your character, and them… “chose your life”, now let me point out that at this point in time I was on ts with a couple of mates, and my immediate reaction was, “This game just asked me to chose a life, I’m not sure how I should fell about this.”, “What are your options?”, was i them asked to which I replied “I don’t know I haven’t got that far…”. Pressed A, next screen, “Oh okay its your usual class things, Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter, Magician…. Cook… Angler…. Tailor….???? wait a minute what?!”.


I was confused, Usually you pick your “warrior” class and them the “professions” this game was asking me to chose one overall, okay sure being a foodie, I’ll go cook, cause why not, I’m a woman right?

The game them proceeded to congratulate me on getting a life (thanks game…) and giving me a huge lecture on how every life was important, and everyone could be a hero (I swear during that lecture the game mentioned every life but the cook <.<) it even joked around quite a bit. At this point the game had me, not only was it already unusual i was becoming quite amused of its humor.


You are them pitched into the game having virtually everyone congratulating you on getting a life (you’re not helping, game!!!) Them you accidentally meet a cheeky butterfly, meet the king, have your “mother like friend” hinting that she believes your new butterfly friend is your girlfriend (the humor in this game just keeps giving), And them sleep, and get hinted that theres a deeper story, one that you don’t know yet, its not all just fun and games, getting life’s, cooking, catching fish, killing monsters the world seems at peril and somehow you are at the center of it. ( I mean you have too, you’re the main character right?)


You can try every life and level them up as you see fit, I personally enjoy leveling them all. and doing all their quests as I unlock new areas, I’m a completionist at heart really. All lifes have their own set of goals and objectives, some of them you can complete wile in another life, others you need to have that specific life active, however every one of them has special perks wile they are the active one, like per ex more loot and xp for the current life.

As you level your life’s and meet people you’ll unlock bliss which will give you a bunch of perks, like bigger bags, new items in vendors and even pets!


Also when you do something “amazing” like chop down a big tree, hook a big fish or kill a big baddie, you get a “bounty” (a box that you can pick up and will follow you around), that you can deliver to your closest bounty clerk for extra rewards and dosh (dosh is the money currency on the game), be aware that at any given time there can only can be 3 bounties in the world, if you get a fourth, wile already carrying three, the first you got will disappear (I wish I had realized it sooner, I think the game tried to tell me but I didn’t pay attention)

The way you move trough the story and unlock new areas, is via doing the butterfly requests, truth be told i haven’t got too far on the story yet, cause I always try keep up with every single life.


The game is lovely, love its humor, love the art style, the story gives it meaning, even the sound track is great.

There is a fault however… the orange start/save screen makes my head hurt @_@.

Now if only my 3ds would finish charging so I can go back in game.

Christmas debris


There are two kinds of people, the ones who fully rip smash and trash their Christmas gifts wrapping paper and the ones who carefully open it so they don’t damage it too much. I am the second, now the issue with this is that you end up having a box or drawer filled with warping paper that you end up not reusing because the size does not fit the gifts you intend to wrap. However to minimize this i have come up with a plan.

1º. Ribbons

Thats the easy bit, ribbons can 100% be reused, just carefully remove them from your gift and save them, the most common kind are the swirly ones (at least were I live) even if they become squashed you can always quickly fix them with a scissor. I usually only fix them before use, because they can get damaged again, but for research purpose I did a few.

Just put the ribbon on top of the scissor hold it with your thumb and slowly pull the ribbon with the other hand so it slides on the blade.

Them you have the more elaborate ribbons, that can also get squashed and you look at them and think “well it’s useless now” THINK AGAIN, you just have to deconstruct it.

Just remove the tape apply scissors, voilà there you go a perfectly good to use ribbon again.

Now its time to store them and move on to wrapping paper.


(I think i might need a new box)

2º. Wrapping paper

Now heres the deal with wrapping paper, no matter how much you want to, you cant save it all. (I know, I’m so sorry ;_;) Part of it always gets damaged during travels and mr tape loves to tear it apart.

So what we do first is salvage it, deconstruct and remove all tape, them remove the damaged bits with a scissor (make them as big as you can and keep them squared or rectangular). Now if you are lucky you will be left with a big chunk witch you can immediately save (assuming its big enough to wrap a book or so)


If luck is not your friend you will be left with a paper that has so much damage from mr tape that makes you want to cry, WORRY NOT.


Remember that i told you to removed the damaged bits but keep it as big as you could and rectangular? Thats because we are about to make envelops, sure they wont allow you to wrap a big gift, but it will save you hassle latter down the line to wrap something medium/small that has absolutely no shape for you to work with.


Steps are simple.

  • Fold it so only a bit of the inside is showing
  • Trim the sides for accuracy
  • Fold the open bits twice and apply some tape (except the white one that is sticking out)
  • Trim the white bit on the sides so it becomes a semi triangle (like a proper envelope)
  • ???
  • Profit!

Now you can safely put whatever gift you want there and just close it with a bit of tape.

There are exceptions to this whole mishmash, a bottle of wine package will always serve for another bottle of wine.


And them theres the publicity paper, some people are not bothered by it, however I don’t like to use it on my gifts. Last year i tried removing the publicity bit out to make envelops but they ended up being quite small.

This year I opted for something else, I grabbed a pair of (not so) trusted decorative cut scissors, and made (quite a few i might need to give some away o.o) name tags.


In the end this was my “haul”


How about you? Do you have any creative ideas to lower the stack of your used Christmas wrapping paper?